Who is Bootcamp for?

Anyone living with Parkinson's who wants know how to use exercise to control their symptoms.

Some of the exercises we will show you are not suitable for people with balance problems or people who have been told they should not take part in vigorous exercise. 

If you aren't sure if our bootcamp is right for you, please get in touch, we'll be happy to help.

The next Bootcamp will run from Sunday 9th May. 

The course officially starts on the Monday but we get together for a quick pre-event chat on the Sunday night.

Once the event is underway, you have a 'daily mission' and an exercise video to complete at a time that suits you during the day which is hosted via your personal dashboard in our 'virtual clinic'. We have a live webinar (via Zoom) every evening at 7pm (UK Time).
Live Zoom Schedule - 7pm GMT
Sunday -          Welcome & Introductions. How the session will run and what to expect.
Monday -         Neurophysiology - What is happens in the brain during exercise for Parkinson's.
Tuesday -        Your Exercise Prescription - Making exercise Parkinson's specific.
Wednesday -   Making Exercise a Habit - Motivation and scheduling.
Thursday -       Keeping You Well -  Monitoring your progress and building a support network.
Friday -            The Next Steps -  Exercise is medicine!


"I'm so glad I chose Reach Your Peak because Maria and Sally are so supportive. It's also fun! I feel it is going to be invaluable in supporting me".

"Well presented and professional, but also friendly, relaxed and non-threatening live sessions with lots of helpful information. Lots of positivity and encouragement. Good mixture of exercise routines and tasks to get started on a new journey."
"It was life changing and so so motivational. I feel I can work to be my best and I now have the support, the tools and motivation to exercise regularly knowing it will make me feel better and it does. In one week I feel different about my condition. All is not lost."
Reach Your Peak