A selection of PHIIT (Parkinson’s High Intensity Interval Training) workouts designed for people who are already used to regular exercise. We use PHIIT routines in our Keep Going programme.


When we exercise for Parkinson's we are trying to stimulate changes in the brain which improve symptoms. In order to do this exercise needs to be energetically demanding both cognitively and physically. In this 30 minute workout we use picture puzzles during circuits to light up the neural pathways in the brain.

Walking Workout

A Parkinson's specific 'walking workout'. This routine uses the Reach Your Peak principles of Power, Accuracy and Amplitude and is intended for people with Parkinson's who are used to regular exercise. If you have a pedometer, see how many steps you accumulate during your workout.

The one with the towel

This workout uses a towel to facilitate Power, Accuracy and Amplitude in a routine which is cognitively challenging with an energetic demand.

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